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Grief Counselling Spruce Grove

Grief Counseling In Spruce Grove?

Grief is a normal and natural response to loss, and it is different for every person.  It is the pain and suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away.  Grief is a combination of feelings such as shock, confusion, anxiety, anger, regret, sadness and longing and these feeling can often change from day to day. When experiencing grief and loss, people often feel confused about themselves and their identity, making it difficult to focus and contribute to conversation and activities.

Grief not only affects us emotionally, but it also affects us in other ways as well.  You may have difficulty sleeping, low energy, muscle aches and pain, tightness in chest, headaches, heart palpitations are all common symptoms. Greif and loss can cause behavioral changes such as crying, pacing, yelling, or isolating yourself. This is OK! It is a normal and necessary part of your grief.

Grief and loss are permanent however, grief usually changes over time. It starts out strong, intense and disruptive and over time grief is reshaped into a form that is quieter and integrated into your life. Integrated grief enables you to remember and honor your loved one, without disrupting your own life.

Loss is never easy, however learning about the normal, necessary process of grief and mourning can help.